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What is Image Control?

Image Control for Mac is a workflow solution for handing the problems inherent in shooting with modern digital cameras. In the days of film, the lab was the central workflow hub for the transition between production/ set and post-production. In digital, the role of the lab has been marginalized, and replaced by software on a laptop, either on or near set.

The program features an extensive tool set, inspired by the days of film and enhanced by digital, to create an "all-in-one digital lab" which has fulfilled the needs of small "one-man-show" productions, all the way up to large budget studio features and television productions.

Image Control is the next evolution in the line of Gamma & Density software products to enable and enhance filmmakers ability to control the digital image. Gamma & Density's original "3cP" System was the first "all-in-one" system for image management with an all-encompassing tool set, independent of camera selection, without external hardware requirements or contracts with post-production facilities, and Image Control brings those tools and more into a new era of digital filmmaking.

Our newest program Image Control is available for purchase as a time controlled licensed subscription, and will work on nearly any Apple Laptop or Desktop, with no extra hardware required. Click here to learn more about the advantages and benefits of using Image Control to power your Digital Image Workflow.


"Image Control is the first step on the road of communication between DP and Colorist. It is like a road sign - all the features make this road shorter and more manageable. It works!"

Ueli Steiger, ASC

"The program is very simple to use. It is a visual guide through the entire photographical process. From the transfer of the film negative to HD - dailies, the editing, the visual effects, until the digital intermediate."

Theo van de Sande, ASC

How does 'Image Control' fit in my workflow?

ARRI Alexa & Amira ProRes and ARRIRAW

CANON C100/C300/C500

RED Dragon, Epic, Scarlet and One

SONY F5 & F55


CANON & NIKON DSLR Quicktime H.264

Blackmagic Camera
CinemaDNG & ProRes

GoPro Hero MPEG4

Panavision Genesis

Panasonic P2

DPX & DNG Image Sequences

Shooting with one of these cameras / formats?
'Image Control' has your on-set workflow covered.

One of the key features of Image Control is the ability to become the "workflow hub" of your production, and provide the deliverables necessary for a smooth transition between production and post. Over the past several years, the rapid evolution of cameras, workflow, file formats, compression, etc. have made this "hand-off" between production and post more unpredictable and expensive.

The program includes support for nearly all cameras and file formats commonly found in production today, enabling filmmakers to have a reliable, easy to learn, software program - regardless of which camera they happen to be using. As cameras and workflow technology continue to evolve, Image Control will evolve with it, while still providing the same consistent results and toolset.

Click here to see how 'Image Control' can become your 'Workflow Hub'

Create Looks in Real-time

Color correction is no longer only a tool of post-production. Using 'Image Control', along with an external Blackmagic HDLink Pro, the DP and/or DIT can create or load real-time color grades to a live SDI feed coming from the camera to the on-set monitor.

This tool allows Directors, Producers, Clients and the rest of "video village" to see a better representation of the DPs intentions, while being completely "non-destructive" to the high-quality Log or Raw image being recorded in camera.

Also, the same look (LUT) used for on-set monitoring can also be applied onto dailies and sent onto post-production! One LUT for monitors, dailies and post = Image Consistency from Set to Post.

Color Correction Tools

In today's digital era, the tools of color correction are becoming as important as the "traditional" tools of the DP such as gels, filters, white balance, film stock, etc.

Image Control features industry standard color tools, presented in a familiar, easy to understand interface. Color tools include: Color Wheels, Curves, RGB Sliders and Printer Lights.

One-stop Data Management Solution - All Built in

Compatible with any supported camera system!

Offloading Digital Footage can be the most dangerous and destructive part of your workflow if not done correctly. 'Image Control' includes a utility for secure, verified footage offloads to three separate destinations simultaneously.

Our "All-in-one" data management solution avoids needlessly integrating multiple software programs, and offers the same, secure MD5 Checksum verification found in other high-end data management solutions.


New Features in
'Image Control'

Brand New, Easy to Learn, Intuitive User Interface

Support for ARRIRAW, Blackmagic Camera, GoPro, Sony F5 & F55, Amira and the latest Red Cameras

Import 3D LUTs (.cube & .3dl) directly into Image Control as a Custom Look

Extended Range Test Instruments

Timecode and Manual Audio Syncing Utility

For a complete list of features, click here

Create Color Corrected Dailies and Deliverables

Prepare your footage for a smooth transition to post-production by generating offline dailies, with the DP's custom look applied! Create dailies ready to edit in Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or create .DPX deliverables for Visual Effects and other departments - created by Image Control!


Generate 3D LUTs and ASC CDL - in a variety of formats!

Don't just rely on "built-in" LUTs and presets to help you achieve your desired look. Take full creative control over the look of the image by using integrated Color Correction controls to create a custom LUT.

Take your created look and export it as a 3D LUT or ASC CDL compatible with nearly every post-production system. Not all 3D LUTs work the same way, but 'Image Control' is ready to export over 10 different types, so you can find the right LUT format for your post-production workflow!


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